Solo Build It Review

Solo Build It! review

Welcome to the Solo Build It Review! If you're looking into the prospect of starting your own online business, you're at the right place to learn all about the best website-building platform out there.

Yes, that's my opinion.

I recall my first foray into looking for a website builder, way back in 2010. I did what we all do: Googled "How to build a website for free."

Well, you get what you pay for, right?

To me, SBI (Solo Build It) is a complete website business in a box.

I cannot imagine any business having a lower overhead.

It All Began on December 23, 2010

I began my love affair with SBI way back in December 2010. Coming up is my obviously biased review of the host to my SBI websites.

Solo Build It - Everyday People

Solo Build It Review ~ Website Platform

The Solo Build It website platform (SBI) is an all-in-one website builder that gives you everything you need to start a successful online business and was developed by SiteSell, a Canadian company. 

It was founded in 1997 and is owned and operated by Dr. Ken Evoy and his team. They have since changed their name from SiteSell to Solo Build It to reflect today's solo entrepreneurial spirit.

Solo Build It features easy-to-use tools, powerful features, access to experts, and more to help you succeed.

Word to the wise: stay away from 'Wealthy Affiliate." They published fake reviews via social media to draw attention to themselves through a (fake) comparison. This SBI review you're reading is real and it's in your best interests to read it through to its conclusion.

Above is a YouTube Video showing Susan's Site Central. Yep, a bit of a tongue-twister there! It's a quick overview of the different sections inside SBI that are directly related to building your website business.

AI Integration is Here at Solo Build it!

AI Bot

With the overwhelming response to ChatGPT et al., SBI made an important decision to incorporate AI the right way.

Ken has named it "Tai" for "Transformative AI. After months in the making, I was lucky enough to be a beta tester. I didn't manage to break it, so that means it's pretty robust (LOL).

Tai consists of four parts:

  1. The Tai Guide that teaches you all you need to know about creating a prompt!
  2. Prompt Build It! where you go through the "6 P's" of creating perfect prompts, (and its associated prompt library)
  3. Boxchain (where you edit your prompt)
  4. Tai Freestyle where you use freestyle to ask anything you want!

How to Get Started with the Solo Build It Website Platform

Building a website is an exciting endeavor, but it can also be intimidating. Fortunately, there are many tools incorporated in Solo Build It that make the process of running a successful business much easier.

My Solo Build It review summarizes and details how to get started so you can create a successful website for yourself, or perhaps you're looking to create a few online businesses!

Either way, building a web page with SBI's Block Builder 2 (BB2) is easy. You don't need to know HTML.

The SBI Action Guide for creating your website makes it a delightful experience that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

Real people (like me!) own Solo Build It sites and enjoy many positive personal experiences - and positive reviews.

Above is Susan's "How to Build a Page in Block Builder," YouTube video. She shows you how to add text blocks, and headlines, and do a preview.

Learn More About SBI

Watch this video by SBI about "everyday people building extraordinary businesses every day."

The link above is my Solo Build It affiliate link. Should you join SBI through my Solo Build It Review via my affiliate link, it means I will earn a small commission, and I thank you for that!

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How to Get Started on Your Own Website with Solo Build It

This Solo Build It review shows you just how simple it is to get started. Learn more about SBI here.

Here are some best practices for what you need to create a winning website:

  • Choose a Plan: Solo Build It offers two plans: the standard Solo Build It version and a plan for die-hard users of WordPress sites.

  • Go through the 10-Day Action Guide at your own pace. The whole process is broken down into 'days.' A 'day' can be as short as six hours, or as long as it takes. Some days take a bit longer to digest and implement, such as researching your site concept and gathering keywords that the major search engines are looking for. SBI! lays it all out, step-by-step.

  • Choose a Domain Name: By Day 4 or 5 you will have determined the best niche for your target audience. The hard work done here pays future dividends. The next step is to choose a domain name for your website! SBI registers your chosen domain name via TuCows, and the cost of registering the domain name (and for subsequent years) is included in your plan, so you don't need to worry about forgetting to renew your domain name.

  • Build Your Website: Once you’ve chosen your domain name, you can begin building your website. Solo Build It makes it easy to create professional-looking websites with its drag-and-drop website builder called BB2 (Block-Builder 2). I have to say here: It's the best drag-and-drop page builder I've ever used.

  • Publish Your Website: When your page is ready, you can publish it with the click of a button, or choose to save it as a draft.

The Benefits of Using Solo Build It for Your Website

In this Solo Build It review, I want to show you that there are many advantages to using Solo Build It, including:

  • Easy to Use: Solo Build It is designed to be easy to use, even for those with little to no technical experience. Their fantastic forum is second to none - filled with fantastic friendly folk (enough of the "F" words, Susan) who are always eager to help you out.

  • Affordable: Solo Build It is one of the most affordable website-building platforms on the market. Solo Build It has two pricing options: The standard SBI costs $34.99 per month or $329.99 per year. SBI for WordPress costs $19.99 per month or $169.99 per year. Pay upfront for a full year for the standard version and save ninety bucks. For Word Press users: save 70 bucks by choosing yearly instead of monthly.

  • Comprehensive Tools: Solo Build It offers a comprehensive set of tools for building, managing, and growing a website. This includes tools for creating content using fully responsive design templates. The keyword research tool (BrainStormIt!) helps you optimize your web pages for search engines, and more.

  • 24/7 Support: Solo Build It provides 24/7 customer support, so you can get help whenever you need it. They are outstanding. They answer ALL my questions, no matter what time - or day - of the week.

Help your SBI Website Grow! Add Content 2.0

How to Monetize Your Solo Build It Website

As with all website builders, it's up to you to enable ads (such as Google AdSense) on your website. It's the most passive and easiest form of monetization. I prefer to manually place the ad code. I do not care for "auto-ad placement" by Google; sometimes they stick an ad in the worst place, like inside a 'form' for instance. 

I place the HTML for Google AdSense on a sitewide dot to remove the tedious page-by-page operation. More about that later in a page-building demo video.

Affiliate marketing is also an effective way to monetize your site for a little extra income. Using a right-hand column in a two-column template (like this one on my Easy Food Dehydrating site, enables you to place your affiliate ads (and Google AdSense) in a logical place.

Obvious income producers: A site topic-related report, eBook, paperback, audiobook, or video course that can be sold on your new site. These are all important decisions.

Earn income, too, from SBI's generous affiliate program. As you may have noticed, this very site you're on contains affiliate links.

It's a small way for me to be rewarded for sharing my reviews and helping you reach an educated decision for your new business, whether it be an online marketing website or one of the many niche websites that your brain (and BrainStormIt!) comes up with!

Understanding SBI's "Analyze It"

The video above briefly explains SBI's "Analyze It" - it's where the magic happens, SEO-wise.

Make sure you've got all the keywords in the right place, subheads with KW in them, and enough images to make Google (and your visitors!) happy.

What are the Advantages of Using Solo Build It?

You'll learn what the C-T-P-M process stands for and why it's so important. Ok, if you can't wait, it stands for "Content. Traffic. Presell. Monetize." In that order!

While using the Block Builder page builder, what I love about SBI is the ability to designate container blocks of text (or whatever you want to place inside that container) to show on either 'Desktops/Tablets' or 'Mobiles'. The default is to show on 'All Devices', but I love having that choice. Why? This enables me to break awkward headlines where I want them to break so there aren't orphan words.

Having said that, the templates inside of SBI are "responsive." What does that mean? It means that no matter what device your visitor is browsing your site on, the page will adapt/re-size to fit their device's screen. Mobile friendly!

What's the main advantage of SBI over the others? The Action Guide. That online tool is priceless. It takes you from knowing nothing about how to build a website to building a profitable online business if you follow the Action Guide.

Ken reminds us to think of our website as a business, and not just as a hobby. (There's nothing wrong with having a hobby website. To me, that's where WordPress sites come in handy!)

Also with the addition of Tai, read more about that here, you'll gain the upper hand on folks who don't learn how to create proper prompts - but you will!

Solo Build It is a Great Option

Solo Build It is a great option for those looking for an easy and affordable way to build a website. The platform is designed to make the process as simple as possible, with features like domain name registration, content creation with its BB2 drag-n-drop builder, search engine optimization, and more all included in the low monthly (or yearly) cost.

With Solo Build It, you can have a professional website up and running in no time (yes, there's a bit of a learning curve like there is when learning anything new!). Look forward to your pages being found on the first page of Google if you do it right and follow the Action Guide to a "T".

You're looking to have a profitable business, but how much money you'll make is totally up to you. The sky is the limit. Choose your niche wisely.

Learn More About Solo Build It

Take the Solo Build It Video Tour

The link above is my Solo Build It affiliate link. Should you join SBI through my affiliate link, it means I will earn a small commission, and I thank you for that!

Thank you for taking the time to read my Solo Build It review.

See Susan's Instructional SBI YouTube Videos

While creating this new ePubTechReviews website, I decided to record "stuff" as I go along so you can see the inner workings of the Solo Build It platform. On this video page, you'll find all the SBI-related "how-to" videos.

Want to add your two cents about Solo Build It website builder?

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Great review! I'm interested in starting my own SBI website now! 
This article really opened my eyes to what I don't know about creating a profitable website. It's not just about creating pages; you have to have a …

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  • One of the biggest pros of using Solo Build It to create a website is that everything is under one roof.
  • SBI! comes complete with its own mail server, and you can send out a newsletter via SBI! too. No need to pay an additional fee for a fancy ESP (unless you want to).
  • Solo Build It teaches ordinary people like you and me all we need to know about building and running a profitable website.
  • Fantastic support by the team, and/or via the Forum.
  • SBI! includes the BrainStormIt! keyword search tool with added filters for finding "niche depth" and "profitability."
  • Before making your page live, the "Analyze It!" function ensures you have the correct amount of keywords properly placed, checks for word count, and lets you know if there's a lack of subheads, images, and external links.
  • Easy access to the 'Head' of the page within the page builder itself, so there's little risk of you accidentally wrecking the template. Speaking of, the templates never need to be updated by you, unlike WordPress templates' parent and child themes. I get tired of logging into my WordPress sites and having to continually update plugins etc.
  • Tai is HERE: SBI's "Tai" (Transformative AI helper) helps you create outstanding pages - not only SEO-wise but for your visitors' enjoyment too! It's live now and it's blowing my mind. You WILL learn how to write PROPER prompts that bring back content you can actually use!


  • The newsletter builder is a little clunky, but it gets the job done.
  • Folks balk at the monthly cost; but again, I have to say I don't know of any other business that has a monthly overhead of fewer than thirty bucks a month. Really.
  • A "membership site" is not included.
  • Has a limited website template selection compared to WordPress available themes (that you have to pay for!)

COST factor
cheap $ - reasonable $$ - expensive $$$


ePubTechReviews rates Solo Build It two dollar signs because it's certainly not free, nor is it expensive!

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Mark J: I love Susan's new review reminders. Short and sweet and to the point!

J. Smythe: She says no spam and she means it. I am happy I signed up.

M. Millins: It's great to get the latest scoop on AI apps and stuff. It helps me make decisions on whether or not to use it.

Allison M: I visit so many sites and you forget their names. Glad I opted in for Susan's reminders!

Robert P: I've learned such a lot from ePub Tech Reviews and they've never spammed me!

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