HumanBot is a Game Changer for Your Online Business

HumanBot review

The advent of HumanBot is a game changer for your business.

If you're wondering how you can attract and keep your website visitors on your page plus help them navigate to where they need to go on your website, why wouldn't you include a chatbot?

The first question is which bot to choose.

I have these additional questions to ask too.

Three questions:

  1. Is your online business leaving leads on the table?
  2. Have your pages dropped in ranking and
  3. Have customer interactions and visitor engagement dwindled?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you need to continue reading if you want to turn your visitors into paying customers and raving fans. Lock in more profitable bookings with truly engaged leads.

Do you want to keep visitors longer on your site? Yes... of course. But how? Introducing HumanBot - the chatbot of the future.

Customer Service is King

Website business owners have never had it so good. Why? The advent of live chat with a real person increased customer satisfaction, obviously, but it all came at a cost.

Hiring multilingual support isn't cheap, plus you're counting on your live chat person knowing everything in your knowledge base and can recall everything accurately - instantaneously. Sometimes humans get stuff wrong. And that's where HumanBot comes to our rescue.

Paul Ponna and Sid Dewar's AI app called HumanBot returns human-like responses to live customers' questions, using natural language via deep learning AI, making HumanBot an outstanding conversational platform.

In plain English: It can engage potential customers, has great flexibility, and takes care of time-consuming tasks.

Digital Humans with Movement and Lip-Synced Speech

Digital humans (with body movement and lip-synced speech), attract attention - and that keeps that visitor on your site - longer. There's been a lot of talk about Google SERPs pages 'going away,' but what does that mean, metrics-wise?

It means that Google is paying more attention to customer retention, page-wise, which makes total sense to me. The longer a visitor remains on your webpage, the more engaged they appear to be in Google's eyes.

Put the power of AI to use to increase customer engagement and let HumanBot take care of the repetitive tasks of informing folks of your business hours, phone number, and location.

Increase the efficiency of the responses by training your HumanBot to read a website URL, a document, PDFs, or your knowledge base.  You have the option to solely use your website URLs, or have your HumanBot also include data gleaned from across the web.

I select the option to use my URLs to keep my bot focused on my site - not someone else's site! Your HumanBot digests your information and delivers human-like responses effortlessly to brand-specific questions. 

HumanBot Learns Your Business and Automates Sales and Customer Support

Your HumanBot chatbot has no language barriers; it can detect which country a visitor is from and converse in their language. And I'm not just talking about typing back and forth.

I'm referring to having a real spoken conversation so you can sell more products globally. Your bot uses 100% text-to-speech voices in real-time, in the customer's language. More on that, coming up.

HumanBot homepage example

HumanBot can help schedule appointments with seamless integration options with the use of third-party apps. It can collect phone numbers and/or email addresses (using email integration through Zapier), with its non-pushy approach - without the hassle of your visitor having to fill in an opt-in form. 

My hubby just asked me to explain what Zapier is/does. (He's my proofreader). OK, Zapier enables different software apps to "talk" to each other. You connect apps, i.e. "give permission to connect to and read data" by using an API provided by the app(s). In other words, you can connect your email service provider with HumanBot via a "Zap" within Zapier!

​You can create chat funnels that take your customers through your funnel with AI's built-in ability to change the questions and flow in the chat tree, based on the customer responses.

There is a wide selection of templates available to aid you in the setup process so you can hit the ground running.

Include product images and links to any page so you can sell more within the chat! Also, offer coupons, discounts, and special deals to maximize your revenue. You can even embed a video into your chat to help turn those prospects into customers. A highly advanced AI algorithm gets the job done.

With HumanBot, you can create exceptional virtual assistants with human-like interactions. Its ease of use is paramount for today's business owner who hasn't got "all day" to set up stuff. 

​You can also simplify support by offering your customers the option to record in-chat voice messages - and remember - this AI-powered chatbot can detect their location and translate the chat to their local language.

Cutting-edge Competition-Crushing AI Features

HumanBot can help your visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week and doesn't need time off, holiday or sick pay. He's loyal to you. As previously mentioned, he gets his training from your website page URLs; if you update a webpage, simply click the "refresh" button inside the app and he'll relearn the page. So easy to maintain, and saves valuable time. 

Slash your ad spend and maximize conversions - which in turn boosts customer satisfaction. But most importantly: reduce your website pages' bounce rates.

Going back to Google paying more attention to engagement than page ranking if SERPs go away: bounce rates will be of the utmost importance in the algorithm determining which pages have provided a better customer experience.

If you're anything like me, you hate clickbait. It's so frustrating to click on a link that takes you to a page filled with ads, interspersed with bits of text. But I digress.

Keeping visitors on your site longer lowers bounce rates.

Keywords and In-Depth Analytics and Data

Your HumanBot chats are saved so you can track and analyze the traffic data. See what customers are saying so you can tweak your chat responses to increase sales.

You can set triggers for unlimited Keywords within the app so accurate responses can be provided instantly in the chat.

"Humanize" Customer Interactions

With HumanBot, you can dynamically greet your customers using their name, location, email, or phone number. This enables you to create an instant connection that drives engagement and captures attention - through personalized chat messages.

User experience can be increased simply by emotional engagement. Build trust and wow your audience with your very own personalized HumanBot chatbot.

​According to the Harvard Business Review:

"Emotionally connected customers are proven to be four times more loyal to brands and likely to spend two times more."

Good to know!

HumanBot: Huge Selection of AI Humans and Ethnicities

To see larger images (with a blue caption link) simply click on the link or image and the"Gallery" feature will open. You can scroll through all the images. To exit, click "Close X" in the lower RH corner.

To see larger images
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the"Gallery" feature will open.
You can scroll through all the images.
To exit, tap the "<" back button.

It's easy to bring your brand to life with HumanBot's digital humans - inside your chat box. It's a great way to increase engagement rates (remember Google and bounce rates!) and create a lasting impression with HumanBot's multidimensional chat capabilities.

It has realistic text-to-speech output and you can choose from hundreds of male and female avatars to bring your unique digital persona to life!

​If you want to maximize buyer intent, offer support 24-7, slash costs, build brand recognition, and 10x your sales, invest in HumanBot.

Reduce your bounce rates and engage customers from around the globe so you can provide exceptional customer support. Your HumanBot can answer brand-specific queries with ease because he's learned from your URLs and/or documents. He provides real-time responses and accurate information. He's never tired, flippant, or sarcastic. 

HumanBot FAQs

Can I add HumanBot to unlimited websites?

Yes, unlimited usage is included in either full-pay or split-pay options.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just send an email to support for a full refund if you're not totally satisfied.

Why is HumanBot different from other chatbots?

For the first time ever, you can train your HumanBot from your own data from website URLs, documents, PDFs, and/or your knowledge base. Other apps like ChatGPT use generic data; HumanBot learns your business and understands the context so it can deliver human-like accurate, timely responses.

Are there "Upsells" or "Hidden Fees"?

No. You get unlimited lifetime access to all the features (including updates!) at a one-time affordable price.

Is training included?

Yes, there is step-by-step clear, easy-to-understand video training that walks you through the entire process of setting up your AI HumanBot(s) so you'll get stellar results.

What languages are included?

The "Location Detect Auto-Translate" feature that automatically converts the chat to user's local language supports the following languages: Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, English, Greek, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Croatian, Indonesia, Icelandic, Italian, Lithuanian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Serbian (Latin), Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese. In all, there are over 450 languages and the full list is available on the sales page here.

Can I add my own branding to my HumanBot?

Yes! You can change the "Powered by" branding below your chat box to your own brand, or you can simply hide the branding if you so desire. Please note: This is ideal for agencies, business owners, and digital marketers. Either add your own branding or your clients' branding if you sell your HumanBot creation services to clients for a fee.

Does HumanBot work on all devices?

Yes, HumanBot AI chat is made to work on all devices: desktop, mobile, or tablet. It serves the chat perfectly sized to your customer's device, so it maximizes results.

Where Can I Get My Hands on HumanBot?

If this has whetted your appetite and you want to apply HumanBot to your website(s) right now, click here. I'm a proud affiliate for HumanBot and I thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this page.​

Right now, HumanBot is available for a low $199 one-time price. Yes, just $199. If you wish to spread out the payment, you can pay over three months at $79 for each of those three months which equals $237.

Either way, both plans include unlimited usage.

Before you go, please allow me to contrast and compare:

  • Podium: from $249/month to $599/month
  • Intercom: $79/month
  • LiveChat: $69/month
  • HumanBot: $199 one-time price for life - unlimited use. You get a commercial license included, along with unlimited usage and a 30-day money-back guarantee. It's a lifetime deal with no upgrades or subscriptions to pay for. Everything is included for a one-time price of $199 (or three easy payments of $79).

Don't Get Left Behind

In today's fast-moving marketplace, you don't want to get left behind. AI is rapidly advancing (as you know!) and knowledge-based workers will be replaced by AI bots.

Why? Because customers demand "instant accurate answers" to their questions and sometimes humans just get tired, are overworked, and can be sloppy. (Yep, I've been all three of those at one time or another). If you think you are likely to be replaced with a chatbot, you owe it to yourself to get ahead of that situation and start providing HumanBots to other businesses yourself.

You see, HumanBot's real-time question handling is second to none as it learns from specific website URLs; can handle high volumes of inquiries without fatigue, and handles lead generation with ease.

By the way, if you wish to incorporate a real live human being to "take over" from a HumanBot, you can! That's "in there" too. Check out HumanBot today! 


  • HumanBot grabs visitors' attention.
  • Can be used on any device.
  • Collects email address in a non-pushy fashion without the need for an opt-in box.
  • Increases page visit time.
  • Reduces bounce rates.
  • Different bots can be used on different pages.
  • Many avatars and voices to choose from.
  • Agency use with commercial license at no extra charge.
  • No annoying upsells and downsells when you purchase it!


  • Haven't found any cons yet...

COST factor
cheap $ - reasonable $$ - expensive $$$


ePubTechReviews rates HumanBot two dollar signs because it's relatively inexpensive due to their lifetime usage and one-time payment offer.

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J. Smythe: She says no spam and she means it. I am happy I signed up.

M. Millins: It's great to get the latest scoop on AI apps and stuff. It helps me make decisions on whether or not to use it.

Allison M: I visit so many sites and you forget their names. Glad I opted in for Susan's reminders!

Robert P: I've learned such a lot from ePub Tech Reviews and they've never spammed me!

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