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Even though the rise of technology over the past decade has reshaped just about every industry on the planet, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has burst onto the scene as a very powerful tool for creating content with AI.

It is touted to speed up content creation, but do you think we can we get too much of a good thing? Sure, it will lower content-creation costs overall and is supposedly said to "save time."

To me that means I'll still be sitting at the computer for 12 hours at a time,  I honestly cannot see myself working less (i.e. saving time) - instead, I'll be producing better, more relevant content. Instead of taking a week to research and write a post, it'll take half the time.

And that also means folks in the business of pumping out pap (I'm not one of them, and I hope you - the reader - aren't doing that, or are considering producing pap) will also be spewing out more content.

PAP: If you describe something such as information, writing, or entertainment as pap, you mean that you consider it to be of no worth, value, or serious interest. -- Google

Look, we all know the reason for folks spewing out page after page is because those pages are ad-carrying vessels - just like a TV show is only a host to the ads. With millions of pages being added daily, it makes it that much harder to get found.

What we need to do is to update older pages and make them current. And yes, we can use AI to help us update the content. Why? No one wants to read stuff that relates to things from three years ago, right? Google wants to return pages that will be satisfying to the reader - by being up-to-date.

But back to AI and what "creating content with AI" actually is and how it functions!

Data Gathered from Gazillions of Pages

AI uses natural machine learning, gathered from gazillions of crawled web pages, in order to produce predictive text. We've been using it for years without realizing it. How so?

When we do a Google search or look for stuff on Amazon and we type in a few words, et voilá - what you were going to write next - magically "appears." That's predictive text at work. OpenAI, Bard, and Claude are all trained on vast amounts of text and use complex algorithms that mimic our human style of writing and tone.

Now everyday folks like us can take advantage of these new-fangled AI apps. Millions have done so already over at OpenAI, the founders of ChatGPT - with the sole intention of creating content with AI.

Routine tasks like emailing can be tackled faster, freeing up time for entrepreneurs to find leads and make more innovative products, rather than spending hours on content generation.

Legalities of Creating Content with AI

What we all should want to know is the legality of creating content with AI. Well, is it legal? Generally - yes!

The argument of copyright goes back and forth and depends upon who you ask regarding who is the official copyright holder.

OpenAI et al can't claim copyright because they crawled all our web pages to learn from them in the first place (without our permission!) Also, anything that AI bots produce can't be copyright-claimed by us, the end user, either. That makes sense, right?

It's the same with AI-generated images. That's why I use the word 'with' and not 'by' as in "Created with Midjourney" and not "Created by Midjourney." Without my input (prompt) there wouldn't be an image. Without Midjourney, I wouldn't be able to create the image.

Chicken and the egg kinda thing.

Can AI Create Ideas?

Woman using laptop getting ideasCreated with Midjourney

More interesting - to me - is the question: Can AI create new ideas?

Of course, it can, and it excels in it. But bear in mind that AI doesn't "think" like a human; it can only extrapolate on what it already knows.

It can provide insight and new combinations based on existing information which we might then consider to be 'new' ideas.

AI Isn't Just for Written Content...

AI isn't just for generating text, no Siree Bob. I've recently become very enamored with - and have been creating videos with ease.

If you don't know what to say in a script, will produce a script for you, but how? You tell it to "read" one of your web pages and learn from it - then it generates a script for your video. I'm VERY impressed with it.

You can also provide the script (written in Tai Freestyle - more on Tai coming up!) and make a video from that script. Neat.

From that AI-generated script, it extracts keywords and associates the keywords with the appropriate video clips from iStock and/or StoryBlocks (included in the cost).

It also generates subtitles (that can be turned off if you don't want them, but they're great for YouTube Shorts videos), and adds background music too. In fact, it was hard to tear myself away from it but I needed to get this page written!

My First Date with AI...

I first learned of AI through Jasper (formerly Jarvis - which runs on Watson). It was fantastic! But it offered so much, that I became overwhelmed after six months of creating content with AI.

I nipped on over to OpenAI's ChatGPT and for twenty bucks a month, it was "heaven," for a while.

What happened? Why the wane? Again, it all became so overwhelming.

I just wanted to know how to write a prompt.

Is that too much to ask for? Yes - it was. Until now. I found Tai by Solo Build It! (SBI!).

SBI! has been my web host and page builder of choice since 2010.

Proper Prompts and Creating Content with AI...

Like all AI content-producing tools, they have their advantages and limitations. If you enter a generic prompt, you'll get back generic content that lacks flair, you know, the human touch and tone.

Nuances like humor or sarcasm aren't easily replicated by AI. Having said that, their machine learning is eating up web pages faster than we can produce them, and they are beginning to learn the nuances of a joke - or a witty comeback.

Will AI Take My Job?

I know folks worry about losing their job to AI, but in reality, you'll only lose your job if you don't embrace and use AI, IMHO. You know, keep up with the times. Honestly - do you know anyone who still uses a typewriter?

And this brings up the notion that the human touch will be replaced. I honestly think that's a long way off, as I'm sitting here rewriting chunks of AI content in order to "add my touch."

Solo Build It! - my web host and creators of "Tai" (Transformative AI) - calls it "Just Add You" -  I'm adding "me" and my personality, - yes, the nuances - the humor and wit and experience and expertise - into every paragraph. I'm basically putting back in what AI strips out or simply cannot replicate on such a personal level.

Woman ponderingCreated with Midjourney

So, I'm sure you're sitting there wondering why to use AI in the first place if all you're going to do is rewrite everything!

That's a great question.

With Google now paying more attention to "EEAT" which is Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness, it's imperative to add your take.

Add your experience, your expertise - and authority - to whatever you're writing about. This leads to your readers' placing their "trust" in you.

Google doesn't want to proffer pages of boring lifeless pap to its searchers; they want to provide you, the reader, with information from people who have lived and experienced (and may have the answer to!) what you're seeking information on.

Use Tai by SBI!

Male sitting near a pile of gold barsCreated with Midjourney

If you're interested in creating content with AI for your website, or blog, then consider using Tai by SBI!, available with SBI! regular, or SBI! for WordPress.

The Tai Guide is worth its weight in gold (I'm guessing it weighs a few hundred kilos - just kidding).

Seriously, you'll learn so much from Ken Evoy's words of wisdom on how to use AI effectively for long-form content - and everything in between -  you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

I'm so happy that Solo Build It! embraced AI and worked for many months to create Tai.

SBI! is well known for keeping up with the trends and has kept us SBIers on the straight and narrow by teaching the fundamentals of website creation, maintenance, and monetization. Their forums are second-to-none, and they have Zoom meetings for newbies, and access to Pros if you need a helping hand.

When you see how AI can help you brainstorm ideas, and frees you from the blank screen of death, you'll want to drop me a thank you note.

By the way, Tai is also available for WordPress users too; not just for lucky SBIers. Tai works on a credit/token system, just like ChatGPT, and is a supplement to SBI!/Wordpress or the SBI! regular app that I use.

So what's so darned good about Tai? Well, if you don't know what to ask in a prompt, you're not alone. That's what had me leaping from one AI product to another. Shiny objects galore. But in my defense, I learned a lot along the way. I learned what doesn't work (for me) and what does.

Prompt Build It! by SBI!

To see larger images (with a blue caption link) simply click on the link or image and the"Gallery" feature will open. You can scroll through all the images. To exit, click "Close X" in the lower RH corner.

To see larger images
(with a blue caption link)
simply click on the link or image and

the"Gallery" feature will open.
You can scroll through all the images.
To exit, tap the "<" back button.

Back to the prompt part. If you don't know how to phrase a prompt - you will - if you study the Tai Guide and take heed of all the nuggets in it.

Heck, I know I'm sounding so cliché, but I can't help myself. The Tai Guide is that good! And it's only available at Solo Build It! (SBI!).

If creating content with AI that resonates with your readers - and banishes the dreaded blank screen - appeals to you, please check out Tai.

You'll be able to access "Prompt Build It!" which is the essence of Tai. It takes you through the six P's of creating perfect prompts step-by-step, thus providing you with content that's actually useful. You won't forget to include something in the prompt because you are taken through the six P's in order.

All you have to do is pick up a subscription to SBI! for WordPress, or invest in SBI!'s full version and create a website that'll blow your competition out of the water.

Read more here regarding SBI!'s success stats.

Give AI a Warm Embrace!

Deciding whether or not to embrace AI - or ignore it - is a weighty decision. If you think - or know - that having an AI assistant is something of value and is attractive to you, then take the leap.

If you're simply wanting to learn more about creating content with AI and its effect on your website and bottom line or perhaps lead you to new exciting career opportunities, then take a few crash courses on Udemy. But beware of going down the rabbit holes.

An older man reading a bookCreated with Midjourney

It's totally OK to learn from others about AI. But there's "learning" and "doing." A guy I knew was a "professional college student" and took classes for decades.

Hey, for all I know, he's probably still in class. But for me, and hopefully you, you'd rather be in a "doing" mode than a constant "learning" mode.

They say you can't teach old dogs new tricks, but I'm trying to be a puppy again.

And if I can embrace this new thing called "AI," so can you.

We all move and process things at different speeds, and the sooner you get going with your AI assistant (Tai), the better. Don't think of it as replacing your creativity; it's a tool to enhance your creativity.

Use Tai for Title and Meta Data Help

Whether you're looking to write a meta description or a title for your blog post or a long-form blog page, you'll do it better and faster with Tai. Its user-friendly interface and fantastic tool tips will have you creating content that you're proud to share with the world.

Content creation can be fun again. Find that human balance between you and AI. Yes, just add you. Run your content through Originality.AI to make sure your content is totally original and that you haven't (accidentally) plagiarized someone.

I say "accidentally" because you wouldn't do it on purpose, would you? (Aside from using quotes in an essay, of course, where attribution is necessary).

Free yourself from the frustration of feeling bogged down and uncreative. Allow AI to expand your mind. Take advantage of ideas that creating content with AI brings back to your computer.

Check out Tai and the Tai Guide, plus Prompt Build It!, along with Boxchain and Tai Freestyle here, all available with your WordPress or regular SBI! subscription (and paid for by the very affordable token/credit system) so you can use as much - or as little - AI as you want. 

UPDATE: Tai now has the option to access GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 so you can save "a ton" of credit usage by opting for GPT-3.5 - but only if the accuracy and quality of the content you're seeking isn't of the utmost importance to your post.

Before I go: This page with the help of Tai (GPT4) cost me around $1.50 in credit usage. Peanuts. (No offense to peanuts).

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J. Smythe: She says no spam and she means it. I am happy I signed up.

M. Millins: It's great to get the latest scoop on AI apps and stuff. It helps me make decisions on whether or not to use it.

Allison M: I visit so many sites and you forget their names. Glad I opted in for Susan's reminders!

Robert P: I've learned such a lot from ePub Tech Reviews and they've never spammed me!

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