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Bring your book to life with MockupShots. Are you an author, graphic designer, or book marketer in need of good book mock-ups?

This is the solution you have been searching for and members appreciate the lifetime access.

SEE my update at the bottom of this post!!!

Create Professional Book Cover Mock-ups

With a simple drag-and-drop function, you can bring your book to life with MockupShots.

Create a professional quality book cover mock-up image instantly with MockupShots' powerful tools.

Your book cover mock-ups are valuable marketing assets, ultimately resulting in more book sales for your publishing business.

Effective Holiday Season Mock-Ups

It's easy to select your ideal mock-up from a huge selection of templates right inside MockupShots' tried and tested tools Product Dashboard.

Check out their templates and elements to effectively promote your book in a matter of minutes.

I absolutely recommend MockupShots for self-published authors who need an attractive alternative to a flat 2D image.

A 'holiday season' is around every corner, so make sure to check out their latest holiday mock-ups. It's also easy to update your mock-up using these online tools from MockupShots.

Take a look at this short video where I show you how to upload your book cover inside MockupShots.

Ready to Bring Your Book to Life with MockupShots?

This is an amazing way to bring your book to life with MockupShots! With their vast array of templates, you can instantly select the perfect mock-up to promote your book.

Use holiday scenes with images of Santa to enhance your books' desirability. Maybe you want to portray someone reading your book in their living room. Not a problem. Easy, peasy. Done.

Using the tools inside the product dashboard, you can easily create an attractive alternative to a flat 2D image without breaking the bank.

One of the biggest challenges I faced when I started my book publishing career in 2010, was having the time and know-how to create a realistic-looking 3D book cover.

As an indie author, I absolutely recommend MockupShots for anyone who wants to keep their budget low but desires professional quality results.

They are a good fit for me because of the low one-time cost that has lifetime access! I know I'll never stop creating books and I'll keep on using this book mock-up generator until I die.

Now you and I can forget about spending hours trying to mimic a 3D cover. Just upload your current flat 2D book cover image, then select the perfect mock-up to promote your book in just a few minutes!

Getting Started with MockupShots for Epic Images

After creating your flat book cover image in your Canva account or similar app, simply upload your finished cover to MockupShots.

See my Product Dashboard inside MockupShots shown below.

Some of these book covers are under a different pen name. You're not tied down to just using one pen name. Any 2D book cover works!

To see larger images (with a blue caption link) simply click on the link or image and the"Gallery" feature will open. You can scroll through all the images. To exit, click "Close X" in the lower RH corner.

To see larger images
(with a blue caption link)
simply click on the link or image and

the"Gallery" feature will open.
You can scroll through all the images.
To exit, tap the "<" back button.

Once your image is uploaded, it's time to check out their 3D book cover options. Do you want your book to look like someone is reading it? Or do you need a 3D image of just the book itself, or a .png (with an invisible background)?

If you have a new Christmas book, you'll be able to create amazing images of your book. MockupShots has them all. There's nothing like seeing your own book in a life-like setting.

It's Time to Choose a Template

After you've uploaded your 2D book cover, it's time to choose a template. You have the option to view them all, or if you're short on time, view by 'category.'

You'll see all the mock-ups in the gallery such as hardcover or softcover books, eBooks, and spiral bound.

I actually enjoy perusing all the images as it can spark your imagination to add different images to other book promotion schedules.

Cover Categories Inside MockupShots:

On a desktop computer, simply click on any of the images to see them bigger.
To exit the 'gallery,' click on the lower right-hand 'Close-X' button.
(If you're on your cell phone, simply hit the '<' back button to exit the gallery.)

Saves You Money - No Need to Get Printed Samples

Using the book cover mock-up tools inside MockupShots, there's no need to spend money on real printed samples.

MockupShots customers love this aspect of using mock-ups.

You can also get instant feedback from your team of book reviewers to see which cover they like best!

Plus, it Feels Like The Real Thing!

You can't beat seeing a book in someone's hands. It makes it "more real," like someone's already enjoying reading it. Add your image mock-ups to your social media content.

It'll make your readers want to get their hands on their own copy.

MockupShots by Adazing aren't the only mock-cover-creator software app out there. But like all my reviews on this site, I actually use the software.

But if I can't convince you to try MockupShots for yourself, here are five other places for mock-ups:


Smart Mockups

Media Modifier


Artboard Studio
(Artboard Studio is not just mock-ups for books!)

Your Book is Judged by its Cover...

Make no mistake, the old adage, "You can't judge a book by its cover" is so wrong to me. The cover IS the first impression of your book. That's why it's important to test your book cover, as mentioned earlier, by your reviewer team.

And using MockupShots to showcase different book cover variations, you'll find a winner sooner, rather than later.

Turn Your 2D Book Cover into 3D in Seconds

MockupShots showing their download buttonMockupShots showing their download button

In the video (near the top of the page), I showed you how easy it is to upload your flat 2D cover and how to select your book template.

If you can drag and drop from one folder to another, you've got this!

All you have to do is choose the template you like and click on the little download arrow.

Use MockupShots Images in Social Media Posts

A mock-up is ideal for social media posts. Did you know tweets that show an image are far more likely to get read and re-tweeted?

The same applies to Facebook.

People love pictures! Yep, they convey a thousand words.

Upload Your MockupShots to Your Author Page on Your Website

If you have your own author website, for goodness' sake upload one of your mock-ups.

Choose a 3D style that correlates to the product. What? If your book is an eBook, use a mock-up of a tablet, or cellphone.

If your book is a paperback, choose a paperback mock-up. You get the picture.

Getting the Word Out

a megaphone

Now your book is ready to be seen, virtually. With your MockupShots image at hand, upload it to your Facebook page, and your author website.

I used one of MockupShots' animated templates on one of my exit pop-ups for an epic GIF simulation of my book landing on a tabletop!

Take a quick look here in this ultra-short video at the GIFs in action for my "All in the Prompt" (free!) eBook:

Animated MockupShots

Bring Your Books to Life with MockupShots 3D Covers!

If you're looking to create lifelike book covers for your next project, give MockupShots a try. Hey, it might be time to update your existing flat 2D book covers too. There are no limits on the number of downloads you can do.

Oh, the best thing? You can get MockupShots for a low one-time payment. I love one-time payments, don't you?

Check it out today right here by using this special link for a fantastic discounted price. See the most recent video below:


As of July 8, 2023, the owners of MockupShots have completely revamped their app/site.

What does that mean for us? It means faster load speeds of examples of how your book will look - so you can save time and get the job done faster!

The whole process is more streamlined. I couldn't be happier!

MockupShots is THE PLACE to get your eBook and paperback (and audiobook) mockups created! Check it out HERE!

These are not ALL MockupShots have to offer, just a sampling shown below:

Click on the images to see them bigger. Click the "x" in the lower right-hand box to close the viewer.

Thanks for checking out bring your book to life with MockupShots!


  • MockupShots is a powerful tool for fantastic, realistic book cover mockups
  • They have animated book cover GIFs
  • Memes
  • One-time low cost; no monthly recurring fees ever! Love that!


  • It's not free... that's the only con!

COST factor
cheap $ - reasonable $$ - expensive $$$


ePubTechReviews rates MockupShots one dollar sign because it's a very affordable tool you can use for life!

Want to add your two cents about MockupShots?

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