Audiobooks Made Easy by Derek Doepker: Course Review

Audiobooks Made Easy by Derek Doepker review

Welcome to Audiobooks Made Easy by Derek Doepker - and my review of his course. if you are interested in narrating audiobooks from the comfort of your own home studio, then keep reading!

Inside this Audiobooks Made Easy course review, you'll see how self-published authors are bringing in extra money from their existing published regular book titles.

For many, it has been a money-making missing link - Let's solve that by narrating your own audiobooks using an affordable home studio setup.

Audiobooks Made Easy devices

If that's the case, this course called Audiobooks Made Easy by Derek Doepker may be just what you need to bring in a new revenue stream.

How to Set Up a Budget-Friendly Home Studio

Derek Doepker at work!Derek Doepker

Derek's comprehensive course guides you through setting up your own home recording studio on a budget and provides the important basics of producing a quality audiobook.

From low-cost tech solutions to best practices on microphones and audio editing, this course gives aspiring audiobook narrators a leg up in order to get their narration career off the ground when deciding to narrate for other authors.

Find out how easy it can be to create an amazing audiobook with Audiobooks Made Easy by Derek Doepker today!

My Home Studio Recording Setup

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Recording boothRecording booth with "quilted" folding panel as a door!
Overhead quilt on rightThe hanging overhead quilt on the right
Sound booth without hanging quilt overheadSound booth setup, hanging overhead quilt on the right

Derek's system teaches novices and experienced audiobook producers alike the habits of successful authors and how to create high-quality, affordable audiobooks.

The course outlines a streamlined production process perfected over Derek's years of experience.

It taught me which cost-effective gear, software, and services I needed to have, and how to distribute an audiobook across platforms to reach new audiences in the audiobook market.

Where I Got My Stuff:

The headphones I use are LyxPro HAS-10

The microphone I use is an Audio-Technica ATR2011-US

Desktop shock mount with non-slip feet

For wall-sound absorption, I used these "peel and stick" gray acoustic panels (12" x 12") that come in a pack of 18

You can take them off the wall without peeling off the drywall facing, but be careful.

* As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The price you pay does not increase.

Click the BLUE LINK(S) to see the item(s) on Amazon

The headphones I use are LyxPro HAS-10

The microphone I use is an Audio-Technica ATR2011-US

Desktop shock mount with non-slip feet

For wall-sound absorption, I used these "peel and stick" gray acoustic panels (12" x 12") that come in a pack of 18

You can take them off the wall without peeling off the drywall facing, but be careful.

* As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The price you pay does not increase.

If You Don't Know Where to Start...

Audiobooks Made Easy by Derek Doepker Teaches You All You Need to Know!

Derek has created this comprehensive course so you'll know what specific gear you need and setting up recording sessions to editing the audio for optimal sound quality.

Now let's get inside this review and see if 'Audiobooks Made Easy by Derek Doepker' really lives up to its name!

Includes Professional Advice on Improving Performance and Engaging Listeners

Derek's course will help you set up your home recording studio for a fraction of the cost of traditional equipment.  He teaches you how to make sure you always deliver engaging, dynamic performances - whatever the genre or style of narration you need to do.

Overview of the Course Content and Structure

The Audiobooks Made Easy by Derek Doepker course walks you through setting up your recording studio using basic equipment - in a living room, bedroom - or even a clothes closet if you're short on space! Your digital output will be equal to professional recording studios when you follow Derek's tips.

You'll learn pro techniques of narrative delivery and be guided on how to record, edit, format, and distribute audiobooks. No matter what level of sound designing knowledge your small business possesses, Audiobooks Made Easy by Derek Doepker has something for beginning indie authors and best-selling authors too.

Audiobooks Made Easy by Derek Doepker has 10 modules that Take You From "Clueless" to "Done"

The course contains 10 modules that take you step-by-step through the entire process.

First, you'll be greeted by Derek and he'll get you started with the prep steps and a "heads up" that says when a question arises, it will no doubt be answered in the next video. So hang in there!

  • Module 1: Derek covers pre-production and provides microphone 'before and after' audio samples.
  • Module 2: Download the free app called "Audacity" and see how easy it is to use. He will show you how to set the proper volume levels, and tips on saving projects and backups. Hey, it's good to be organized!
  • Module 3: Learn how to evaluate your speaking performance and get tips and feedback from Derek. Yes, he wants to hear your samples before you record a whole book!
  • Module 4: Recording. Derek shares his tips on how much to record in a session, and best practices. Don't stress about making mistakes. You'll learn how to "get past them" and continue recording without panic attacks.
  • Module 5: Editing. I found the entire process to be fun after using "the clapping technique" while recording!
  • Module 6: Watch this 25-minute demo of Derek from "start to finish." See the pro in action.
  • Module 7: Retakes. With the newest Audacity release, you can easily do a retake to add in something you want to edit out. Derek shows you how with the "Time Shift" Audacity feature.
  • Module 8: Effects. Sage advice here: Always make a copy of your audio file and then add effects to it. This way, you always have the 'plain' file to go back to if necessary.
  • Module 9: Exporting Files. Be consistent in your naming conventions. Derek walks you through the exact process he uses to make sure it gets done quickly, and correctly. You'll learn how much space to leave at the start and end of a chapter, how long your Intro and Outro should be, and what MP3 export settings to use inside Audacity.
  • Module 10: Derek goes over the audiobook distribution options. Learn how to upload to ACX if you go that route (I did). But you can also choose to upload to Findaway Voices which nets you more income.

Wrapping up Derek's course are Additional Resources and Bonuses.

Use the Right Effects and Settings in Audacity

IMPORTANT: You'll learn what exact settings to use in Audacity such as "noise removal" and "compression" and how to "normalize" your track. This information was "worth the price of admission," as they say.

The fantastic thing about Audacity (aside from the fact it's free) is when you've made your settings per Derek's instruction, future upgrades to Audacity will not erase those settings. Good to know, right?

Without the correct settings in Audacity, you'll waste precious recording time trying to figure it all out by yourself. I never would have - I would have given up trying to get a perfect "take."

Do you know, this is the first course (of literally hundreds) I've taken over the years that I actually started and finished. It was enjoyable, understandable, and informational. I learned exactly what I needed to know to create audio files for an audiobook edition (and for a podcast episode).

With the knowledge gained from Audiobooks Made Easy by Derek Doepker, I knew which microphones, sound absorption, and good recording techniques to use. My first audiobook was titled Easy Food Dehydrating. I enjoyed the process so much, I created another audiobook: You Can Quit Drinking... If You Want To.

Easy Food Dehydrating audiobook cover
You Can Quit Drinking... if you want to - audiobook cover

Audiobook Cover Design

Your audiobook "cover" must be a square .jpg - 2400x2400 pixels, and less than 5 MB. Resolution: 72 PPI and 24-bit color. Include the author's name and the title at a bare minimum.

If you do add a subtitle, make sure it matches what you've stated in the introduction. Derek goes over what to say in your introduction, too.

Benefits of the Course for Audiobook Narrators

Ear listening to Derek Doepker!

Earn extra income: Record audiobooks for other authors!

Once you've got your own recording studio in order, you can offer your services to others.

If any questions arise while navigating through the course, Derek is more than happy to offer help and guidance.

Overall, this comprehensive course offers aspiring audiobook narrators a cost-effective way to get their foot in the door and start pursuing their passions.

What's the Difference Between Audible and ACX?

If you're looking to self-publish an audiobook, understanding the difference between Audible and ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) is essential.

Both platforms are tied together (by Amazon) and offer professional audio recording services that allow authors to create high-quality audiobooks for a global audience.

You cannot set the price of your audiobook through ACX (Audible); they have a 'suggested retail price' based on the length of your final output file that you use to compute the sales price.

ACX is best for authors interested in making their audiobooks available on Audible, iTunes, and other major audiobook sellers. It's essentially a two-step process where authors submit their work to ACX for review.

ACX also provides an easy-to-use dashboard that simplifies the entire audiobook creation process, including royalty tracking and payments.

An Important TIP from Me:

My tip: Use the ACX function on their website that allows you to upload a chapter so you can see if it passes their 'audio test.'

There is no point in uploading a full audiobook of thirty or more chapters, only to have your entire audiobook be rejected for a few audio issues that occurred in one chapter, for instance.

After each and every narrated chapter, I ran my audio file through ACX to make sure it passed the test and then uploaded it to the audiobook 'compiler' area inside ACX. They will let you know what you need to adjust. For instance, at times I was 'too loud' so I adjusted the output per Derek's suggested tweaks.

Bringing your Audiobook to Market

With Derek's course, you'll gain an understanding of what it takes to bring your own audiobook to market. Many authors fail to take advantage of turning their eBook or print book into an audiobook. They tend to think you would need expensive studio equipment. The most interesting point of resistance is they don't think their own voice is good enough. Well, think again!

This is an overall two-thumbs-up positive review of Derek's course. I learned an awful lot from it. It gave me the courage to start a podcast too! With the tips and techniques learned in this course, I was able to output audio files without background noise and hiss.

It's also a good idea to invest in a headset with nice soft cushiony earpads. They are vital for hearing your audio track as every little background noise will be heard when wearing headphones. (Plus they make you look tech-savvy!)

The Audiobooks Made Easy by Derek Doepker course provides tips, strategies, and resources for creating and launching an audiobook.

Yes, it's my affiliate link, and I thank you very much for your support.


  • Detailed course teaches you all you need to know about recording your audiobook correctly - the first time.
  • How to use the right affordable equipment.
  • How to set up your recording studio at home.
  • Best practices for recording and editing.


  • I honestly can't come up with any cons!

COST factor
cheap $ - reasonable $$ - expensive $$$


ePubTechReviews rates AudioBooks Made Easy two dollar signs because it's a mid-priced product, but it works well!

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