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Thanks for reading my AI voice generator HumanTalk with TextWriter advanced prompt review.

But first, do you remember what sparked your interest in AI, and when it occurred?

This is how it all started for me:

I wanted to share with you when I first realized that AI was gonna be "massive" and I mean MASSIVE.

We're on the cusp of something very exciting. (More than the clap of thunder from this rainstorm right now - hey maybe it's a sign?)

My "AI fascination" began in early 2022 after I had started a podcast on how to dehydrate food. I thought it would be neat to have my hubby ask me questions about the topic. It would make it seem more like an interview.

The thing is, he got tired of me interrupting him while at work. Shame on me, huh? I had to find another way. I had no intention of "paying through the nose" for voice actors...

Inside my Facebook feed (a few months ago) I came across an app called Speechelo and another app called Revoicer. And I refunded both. They were not "up to par." There was something missing, and I couldn't put my finger on it. And I finally figured out what that was!

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Quick Video of the TextWriter Platform for Advanced Prompt Mode (Be Your Own Voice Actor!)


Revolutionize Your Audio Content Creation:
AI Voice Generator HumanTalk with TextWriter Advanced Prompt

Creating content for your business with this AI Voice Generator HumanTalk and TextWriter bundle is a game-changer in the AI voice industry.

You can produce high-quality realistic human audio output for various purposes, such as websites, sales copy, blog posts, and video scripts.

AI Voice Generator HumanTalk with TextWriter

It's "fine and dandy" to get someone to speak for you, but it's altogether another thing to tell 'em what to say, right? 

That's where AI voice generator HumanTalk comes in!!

I solved that issue. I joined HumanTalk and got more than I bargained for. AI Voice Generator HumanTalk is far more sophisticated than the previous two apps I mentioned.

You need to have realistic emotion come through in the voice output, right? Just like you're listening to an actual human being.

They use AI software voice cloning technology and natural language processing to achieve high-quality clone output.

There are hundreds of voice actors to choose from, and many of them have "emotions." (Yeah, just like real people).

Such as?

  • Chatty
  • Angry
  • Cheerful
  • Excited
  • Friendly
  • Hopeful
  • Sad
  • Shouting
  • Terrified
  • Unfriendly
  • Whispering
  • Chatty
  • Angry
  • Cheerful
  • Excited
  • Friendly
  • Hopeful
  • Sad
  • Shouting
  • Terrified
  • Unfriendly
  • Whispering

(Hope I didn't forget one).

The actors range from children to people my age (seniors!)

I especially like the five search filters. Quickly find the right voice actor for your audio/video content and "save as a fave." That makes it easy to find your bestie later on.

But Here is the Best Part of AI Voice Generator HumanTalk

I had no idea I was going to be this blown away with HumanTalk. How so? When you purchase AI Voice Generator HumanTalk - which is a one-time lifetime payment with free upgrades - you also get "TextWriter."

Both apps work seamlessly together, developed by Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar, both well-known marketers and software gurus. I have to say, it's one of the easiest platforms I've used.

They take you through the steps to reach your end goal: having AI-voice-generated content you can be proud to use.

What Is TextWriter?

TextWriter is a neat app. It helps you to create the content that you want your voice actors to actually say over in HumanTalk. What a concept, right?

But we overlook this important aspect. We think, "Great, I have access to these lifelike AI-generated voices. But now what? What do I have them say?" That's where I kept getting stuck.

TextWriter has Two Functions

The two functions are:

  1. Content from Prompt
  2. Spin Content

Content from prompt means what you think it means. It will help you create a prompt. The spin content means you can take an existing article and have it come up with a brand new take on it. A new spin. Doesn't matter how long the article is.

TextWriter lets you create short content and long content. And it has unlimited usage. You have the ability to output your content into another language.

This saves you time and effort without the need to hire expensive translators. They claim to have 99% accuracy in language translation.

Inside 'Content from Prompt'

Enter your long tail seed keyword such as, "Tell me how to grow tomatoes in Florida." Beneath that is the option to use "Advanced Prompt Mode."

To see larger images (with a blue caption link) simply click on the link or image and the"Gallery" feature will open. You can scroll through all the images. To exit, click "Close X" in the lower RH corner.

To see larger images
(with a blue caption link)
simply click on the link or image and

the"Gallery" feature will open.
You can scroll through all the images.
To exit, tap the "<" back button.

Check the Advanced Prompt Mode box! Hit "Next," and you'll get a more detailed prompt output.

The Advanced Prompt Mode will include details you might not have thought of (or even knew about) into the advanced prompt!

You have the option to summarize. Ideal for short ads, or website metadata IMHO (text-wise). Great for YouTube shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels.

After all, this whole package is meant to work in tandem. AI Voice Generator HumanTalk is a great app without the prohibitive costs and works seamlessly with the TextWriter prompts to help you get the voice ball rolling.

You can choose a different output language or choose to "save" at this point.

It's now available for use inside the HumanTalk part of the app pairing. A point here for ChatGPT users: TextWriter helps you create prompts. Having said that, you don't "need" ChatGPT anymore!

Right now, you can relieve the frustration of not knowing what to ask in a dang prompt!

Over in 'Spin Content':

Step 1: In the first field "enter your text" is the default text. Go to your "Content from Prompt" tab. Type in "Write a 1000 words about how to grow tomatoes."

Shown below is my copied output from the generated content from the long tail keyword phrase.

Step 2: Hit "Spin Content" and it generates your request.

In Step 3, you can "summarize" your content. Let's say the initial output was 120 seconds. Yes, it tells you its length! Move the slider over to summarize it and make it just 45 or 60 seconds long.

How neat is that? You choose any output length in seconds and TextWrite does the summation for us - just like the Content from Prompt does.

If you wish to have your output in a different language, this is the next optional step.

After you've saved your project, it's available to listen to (obviously!) and download - or edit if need be.

I'm excited about this. Now with AI Voice Generator HumanTalk and the bundled Textwriter, we won't be stuck writing prompts.

I know it's a tough topic and I'll admit that my free eBook, "All in the Prompt" needs more oomph. That's why I'm sharing this with you today.

This HumanTalk app with the included TextWriter makes it easy to create prompts.

Excellent Tutorials from Paul Ponna

They have good tutorials too. See how folks on Upwork are making upwards of $400 an hour. They call themselves "Prompt Engineers" in their qualifications and job titles. That's the new buzzword (prompt engineer). It's time for us to become "prompt engineers" too.

Oh, by the way, HumanTalk / TextWriter includes all commercial rights. Use it for yourself - or make money from it by using the combo - to sell to your audience. It's up to you.

Check it out here.

Yeah, of course, that's my affiliate link. I thank you for your support.

I admit it's not the cheapest AI voice generator out there, but it's one of the best. Like I always say, "you get what you pay for."

The kicker for me? No monthly charges! Yesss!


Inside TextWriter you can 'speak' your prompt. Now what is that worthy of an update here? When sitting and typing, it's far easier to just 'say it out loud', right? We're not focusing on spelling errors etc., as we type.

There's a little 'mic icon' right next to the Prompt box. Click the mic, and 'talk away.' TextWriter will then generate a prompt from your verbal input.

To quote Paul Ponna himself: "Just speak what content you like the app to write and the AI will automatically transcribe your speech into text prompts (saves you lots of time typing prompts)."

On a desktop computer, simply click on any of the images to see them bigger. (You can also "click-through" to view all the images below in one go while you're in the gallery).
To exit the 'gallery,' click on the lower right-hand 'Close-X' button.
(If you're on your cell phone, simply hit the '<' back button to exit the gallery.)

In the image above, I simply "talked." It accurately transcribed what I said!

Next: Make sure to check the "Advanced Prompt Mode" box. Then hit Submit.

Now you can see the 'meatier' prompt it created from my spoken prompt! How cool is that? Hit the "Next" button after the "Step 1: Content Prompt" above.

And there you have your content crafted from your prompt!

Thanks for reading the AI voice generator with HumanTalk and TextWriter page.


  • One-time lifetime payment - with updates for life.
  • Has 800 realistic cloned voices, many with emotions.
  • TextWriter is included for free, the Advanced Prompt Mode functionality.
  • Takes your short 'uninspired' prompt and makes magic out of it.
  • End result: A better 'meatier' prompt that yields better output.
  • Includes the ability to speak your prompt instead of clumsy typing.


  • A tad of a higher price tag than Revoicer, for instance, but Revoicer is on a monthly plan...

COST factor
cheap $ - reasonable $$ - expensive $$$


ePubTechReviews rates AI Voice Generator HumanTalk with TextWriter two dollar signs because of its mid-range cost.
Benefit: One payment for LIFE, with free updates.

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Love the way the two apps work - Great idea. 
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NOTE: HumanTalk's Sidekick: HumanPal is HERE!


Imagine creating animation videos with REAL Humans
who speak anything
you type within HumanPal!

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