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Whether you're just staring out or are experienced in self publishing, ePubTechReviews has the latest reviews on new products you may want to add to your writing tool kit. We want to make the software selection process smooth and successful.

Check out these reviews below on what each tool is, and how to use it:

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Self Publishing ARTICLES:

In addition to the reviews above, there are also accompanying articles.

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AI - Experiencing Explosive Growth

AI Bot

AI isn't anything new, but its recent explosive growth is astounding, especially since the release of OpenAI's ChatGPT.

ChatGPT experienced massive sign-ups within the first five days after opening it up to the public at large, making logging into ChatGPT a miserable fail. I tried for days on end to log in. I pretty much gave up. Thank goodness I had alternatives such as Jasper and QuickWrite at the time.

Our AI Writing Tools page features today's top AI aids - and we're not talking Artificial Insemination here. Nope.

Artificial Intelligence is moving at the speed of light and brings with it tremendous excitement and trepidation. Sadly, many people are fearful of AI; they think they'll soon be out of a job. But, as with all new technology, it's how you use it that matters.

We suggest reading the SEO Related page as it all ties in - AI-wise.

Psst. Want to know a secret? Solo-Build-It! (my preferred website host and builder), is adding their own AI-tool called "Tai" to their already legendary platform. Their addition of Tai is a tremendous boon for bloggers and Tai will be available for WordPress users (any other website platform) too as a standalone option!

Read my Solo-Build-It Review.

Plagiarism and Paraphrasing...

The AI Writing Tools page covers AI apps, plagiarism checkers, AI detectors, and paraphrasing tools, too.

When using AI to assist you, be mindful that you must make sure the content your AI tool brings back isn't going to get you into trouble plagiarism-wise. After all, ChatGPT etc. brought back that content "from somewhere." It didn't make it up.

Simple paraphrasing won't pass the AI-detection test. You must add your personality and style to that AI-generated content. You've also got to fact-check the content because what you currently get back is not up-to-date.

Stop Pumping Out Pap...

If AI is used for pumping out pure pap which means "worthless or trivial reading matter or entertainment" - it's Ken Evoy's fave word - he's the founder of SBI who hosts this website - see more here - then sure, there's gonna be a mountain of AI-generated "pap" out there, and Google knows it.

Google is also working on their own AI-generating app called Google Bard. Yes, AI is fantastic when used as a "writing aid"... but if your sole intent is to create tons and tons of pages for your site (to host those annoying ads on them) then stop it.  'Nuff said about that.

When using AI-generated content, you must add "you." If you fail to do that, you'll pay for it a quarter mile down the road.

Say what?

If you fail to do a personal rewrite, your content will stall and will not rank (for long). Articles will be checked for AI-content.

When you've re-written the AI-generated output in your style, it's then time to run it through an AI-checker. You're going for a (pretty) clean sheet. I aim for at least 97% original, 3% AI and is my AI-checker of choice.

Will Google Shun AI Content?

I have to wonder if Google will shun pages of ChatGPT's AI-produced content knowing it comes from the likes of it its competitor, albeit with ChatGPT's so-called "invisible watermark"...

Will the AI-generated pages rank lower? (Highly-likely yes).

Sure, ChatGPT is fun to use - especially for fiction. But for serious fact-based, educational content? Not so much. So what's the problem?

When using ChatGPT et al, you must verify the "facts" it brings back because these apps tend to "hallucinate/confab" stuff. To fill in the blanks.

You'll learn all about how to deal with that with "Tai."

"Tai" to the Rescue: AI Prompting Help Is Here

I've been using a variety of AI apps for over a year now and after the initial fun wears off, you realize there's a problem.

The problem lies in NOT KNOWING what exactly to ask in a prompt. Your AI assistant needs proper direction. It's so frustrating. There's nothing worse than a flimsy prompt that brings back lackluster content. I was certainly falling short in that department.

I now have major help with "Tai" - the AI app extraordinaire - and I'm fortunate to be a Tai Beta tester.

Do read "How to Write a Prompt for AI" - I'm sorry it's a long read, but if you want to know how to write a proper prompt, read it!

Self Publishing eBooks and Paperbacks

ePubTechReviews provides insight into industry leading software that helps you self-publish professional eBooks, paperbacks, and hardcover books.

From Amazon KDP to Draft2Digital, and MS Word to Scrivener - and hundreds more in between - I've tried them all.

Read my honest book creation software reviews.

Audio Book Publishing How-To

Headphones and Audio Book

Audio books gained strength because users can listen on-the-go without having to be tethered to a desktop computer. Here you'll learn the ins and outs of what makes a good home recording studio without breaking the bank.

Plus, see which Podcast Hosts rank best here.

Video Creation and Uploading

Since Google acquired YouTube, it's the de facto platform to get your video viewed by thousands, if not millions! To that end, ePubTechReviews covers some of the best video-creating software on the market today.

Check out ePubTechReviews YouTube channel for video demos on how the site you're on right now is being built.

I'll also cover why people use sites like Wistia and Vimeo to host their videos instead of YouTube.

Our Reviews at ePub Tech Reviews

The reviews shared on ePubTechReviews are my own. I invite your participation to submit your own honest review of the product/software either listed on this site or something you currently own and enjoy using. Write to me on my Contact page.

Thanks for stopping ePub Tech Reviews.

Disclaimer: Some, not all, of the apps I use may link out to their product via an Affiliate link. Should you purchase a product via an Affiliate link, I may earn a commission. And you know what? I thank you very much for your support.

It helps me keep the lights on.

Susan Gast Author and Marketer

Susan Gast created to provide insight and inspiration (and product reviews!) to indie publishers and video creators. Having been in this industry since 1980 in one form or another, Susan has a lot of wisdom to impart from her own trials and tribulations over the decades.

She is featured on Mother Earth News blog, and on Solo Build It (SBI) who host this site. Read her first SBI interview, and her second SBI interview. Susan runs an additional SBI website: Easy Food Dehydrating. Susan also runs her namesake site on Solo Build It that showcases the books she has written since 2010.

Want to send Susan a quick message? Visit her contact page here. She'd love to hear from you!

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I love how straightforward her writing style is - she takes complex ideas and makes them easy-to-understand! Her reviews and articles have certainly expanded my understanding of the many ways AI could change various industries.

Whenever I want to stay informed about AI or simply want a good old tech-inspired read, ePub Tech Reviews is my first stop!
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The folks at ePub Tech Reviews seriously know their stuff — they dive headfirst into the deep pool of chatbots and AI. They cover every single topic you can think of and always keep me right up-to-speed with the newest advances in the field. Their articles are thoroughly researched, easy-to-digest, and always packed with invaluable insights that help me stay on my A-game in this rapidly expanding industry.

Plus, they tackle everything from the tricky ethics of AI to the super creative uses of chatbots — they never cease to wow me. If you're as crazy about chatbots and AI as I am, ePub Tech Reviews is a must-read!
~ Mark Matthews

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I've been reading ePub Tech Reviews for about five months now on book publishing. Let me tell you, it has been both enlightening and a blast! The lady at ePub Tech Reviews delivers tons of useful insights that keep me in the loop. She uses no stuffy jargon and I appreciate that. Plus, it's sparked tons of inspiration for my own writing dreams. So, if you're looking to dive into publishing your "bestseller," check out ePub Tech Reviews. You won't be disappointed!
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Whether it's new software, or cutting-edge innovations, I'm always hooked. They make the toughest topics easy to get, and browsing their site is uh-mazingly smooth. Thumbs up, ePub Tech Reviews, for always serving up standout tech insights.
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I have to thank Susan at ePub Tech Reviews for her articles on search engine optimization. I've even signed up to use a couple of her suggested apps, too. As a relative SEO newbie, the information she's shared has been a godsend. I've managed to ramp up my website's visibility.

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