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FTR: I started ePub Tech Reviews on February 19, 2023, so I've got one heckuva lot more to add that I can't wait to share with you!

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AI - Experiencing Explosive Growth

AI Bot

AI isn't anything new, but its recent explosive growth is astounding since the release of ChatGPT. OpenAI experienced massive sign-ups within the first five days, making log in a miserable fail. I tried for days on end to log in. I pretty much gave up. Thank goodness I had Jasper and QuickWrite at the time. I now use INK for all.

Our AI Writing Tools page features the today's top AI aids - and we're not talking Artificial Insemination here. Nope. Artificial Intelligence is moving at the speed of light. I also suggest reading the SEO Related page as it ties in AI-wise.

Psst. Want to know a secret? Solo Build It (my preferred website host and builder), is going to add AI to their already legendary platform. Read my Solo Built It Review. This is a tremendous boon for bloggers.

  • Hate facing that "blank screen of death" with the blinking cursor?
  • Do you sometimes feel as blank as the screen?

Get help - AI help, that is - use INK, it's outstanding. (Read review here).

Plagiarism and Paraphrasing...

The AI Writing Tools page covers AI apps, plagiarism checkers, AI detectors, and paraphrasing tools, too. But again, if you use "INK", you don't need a bunch of apps to get the job done.

Sadly, many people are fearful of AI; they think they'll soon be out of a job.


But, as with all new technology, it's how you use it that matters.

If AI is used for pumping out pure pap (Ken Evoy's fave word for "worthless or trivial reading matter or entertainment."

I just looked that up for you!) then sure, there's gonna be a mountain of AI-generated "stuff" out there, and Google knows it.

Google is working on their own AI-generating app too. Look, AI is fantastic when used as a writing "aid"... but if your intent is to just create tons and tons of pages for your site (to host those annoying ads) then stop it.

 'Nuff said.

Tired of Using Multiple AI Apps?

I recently discovered "INK" - and what an eye-opener it has been for me.

⬇ All in One ⬇


How so? I'd been using a variety of AI text-generators to help me with content creation.

I knew the content it created wasn't keyword-friendly at all.

Having said that, "it's all in the prompt." That led to running the GTP-generated content inside of another app to 'pepper-in' the 'right amount' of keywords, so it at least had a chance of ranking.

Then I had to ponder: How much of the auto-generated content is plagiarized? So, onto yet another app to check for that.

And last, but not least, I had to wonder if Google will shun the content knowing full well it comes from the likes of ChatGPT (with its invisible watermark)? Sure ChatGPT is fun to use, and all, especially for fiction. But for serious fact-based, interesting, and entertaining content, it's knowing what prompts to give it in the first place that's frustrating. I was "for sure" falling short in that department.

Research ensued and "All in the Prompt" eBook was born.

And then I began this website to help fellow writers understand the differences between the apps out there. Not just AI apps, but book creation, website creation, and video creation software, too.

Building a Website - WordPress or SBI?

ePTR on an iMac computer

Trying to decide between WordPress and my site host, SBI? Well, it's time to jump off the fence. Make the right choice! Solo Build It (SBI) works with their own builder AND WordPress sites. How about that?

What? You mean SBI has an Action Guide for WordPress too? YES!

Check out the deets here on how everyday people are building extraordinary online businesses every day with Solo Build It sites.

I detail a longer story on my other SBI site, Easy Food Dehydrating, of how I "stumbled" across Solo Build It. They were known as SiteSell back then.

Watch my short video below where I take you inside the "Site Central" dashboard.

Want to see more videos on how to use Solo Build It? Check out my ePubTechReviews YouTube Channel here. So you know you've arrived at the right channel, the clickable image below is what our channel looks like on YouTube, below.

ePTR YouTube Channel

YouTube video channels have long been a great way to earn additional income. A learned a ton about profitable YouTube channels from Dylan Miller. He's a real pro when it comes to putting together a YouTube channel that will provide income for years to come.

Dylan's course is rated the #1 YouTube Automation Training. Opt in to receive Dylan's free training. That's how I got started. I then purchased his extremely well-organized, chock-full-of-how-to YouTube stuff online course called Tube Money Masterclass. It's one of the few - out of a hundred or so "courses" I've purchased over the decades - that I actually finished!

Do you know, he's a nice young man, too. He knows his stuff. He's serious, down-to-earth, and likable! A winning combo in my book!

Writing a Book?

If your focus is writing a book and not a blog post, our regular "writing tools" page covers Scrivener, Atticus, Vellum - along with Cover Art tools for those handy dandy mockups that customers love to see.

eBook and Paperback Creation

ePubTechReviews provides insight into industry leading software that helps you produce professional eBooks, paperbacks, and hardcover books.

From Amazon KDP to MS Word, and Designrr to Scrivener, I've tried them all. Read my honest book creation software reviews.

Audio Book Creation

Headphones and Audio Book

Audio books have gained strength because users can listen on-the-go without having to be tethered to a desktop computer. Here you'll learn the ins and outs of what makes a good home recording studio without breaking the bank.

Plus, see which Podcast Hosts rank best here.

Video Creation

Since Google acquired YouTube, it's the de facto platform to get your video viewed by thousands, if not millions! To that end, ePubTechReviews covers some of the best video-creating software on the market today.

Check out ePubTechReviews YouTube channel for video demos on how this site is being built.

ePubTechReviews cellphone user

Our Reviews at ePub Tech Reviews

The reviews shared on ePubTechReviews are my own. I invite your participation to submit your own honest review of the product/software either listed on this site or something you currently own and enjoy using. Write to me on my Contact page.

Thanks for stopping ePub Tech Reviews.

I'm working my butt - er - fingers off to get this info outta my head, down on paper, and in video format, too.

Susan Gast Author and Marketer

Susan Gast created ePubTechReviews.com to provide insight and inspiration (and product reviews!) to indie publishers and video creators. Having been in this industry since 1980 in one form or another, Susan has a lot of wisdom to impart from her own trials and tribulations over the decades. See Susan's books here.

She is featured on Mother Earth News blog, and on Solo Build It (SBI) who host this site. Read her first SBI interview, and her second SBI interview. Susan runs additional SBI sites: Finally Keto, and Easy Food Dehydrating.

Want to send Susan a quick message? Visit her contact page here. She'd love to hear from you!

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